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I can’t tell you enough about the confidence and personal growth I’ve experienced as a Rodan+Fields consultant. I’ve started on my own path towards financial independence and started my own stimulus package. The result of all the hard work I’ve put into my business is paying dividends each month. The financial reward I receive each month just fuels my passion for reaching out to everyone I meet to tell them about this amazing opportunity I’ve seized. In a few short months, I’m going to be just like the hundreds of other Rodan+Fields success stories. Email me and I can tell you my own success story myself.

Start your own stimulus package that will allow you the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. Do you want:
• More time with your children?
• An end of the financial worry that plagues your everyday life?
• An escape from the Two-Income Trap?
• A way to make more money that only increases in the future, regardless of how hard you work at it?
• Or, just some additional income?

Rodan+Fields is one way to achieve these dreams and many more.

About the Company

Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists is changing skin and changing lives by partnering with independent business owners across the United States to bring innovations in anti-aging skincare to everyone. Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv® Solution, Rodan + Fields’ patent-pending AMP MD™ System makes real results possible at home without injections or other invasive procedures.
Named the 2010 Rising Star by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) for its dedication to achieving a high standard of excellence in business operations, Rodan + Fields is the anti-aging company to watch.

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields founded Rodan + Fields Dermatologists in 2002 to help people treat everyday skin concerns. Rodan + Fields quickly became a leading dermatologist brand in top-tier department stores. To broaden their reach and achieve their vision of bringing dermatologist-based skin treatments to everyone, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store and enter the direct selling market in 2008.
Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields authored National Bestseller Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change with Lori Bush. They are also the co-authors of UNBLEMISHED. Prior to beginning Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, Drs. Rodan and Fields created Proactiv® Solution, the best selling acne treatment system in America. Both are Stanford-trained professors of Dermatology and maintain private practices in Northern California.

The Company is Redefining Business Ownership

This is a particularly compelling time to be part of Rodan + Fields as convergence of important trends is creating new business opportunities and making traditional business models obsolete.

• $2.5 Billion anti-aging skincare projected to double in next
five years*
• Rodan + Fields creating transformational product systems
for aging skin
• Rise of social economy shifts power from corporations to
• Business model and compensation plan provides
substantial income potential with minimal upstart costs

The power of the Rodan + Fields Business System is already evident. In 2007, Rodan + Fields was a leading clinical skincare brand in high end department stores. Since withdrawing from department stores and launching the direct selling program, numerous Rodan + Fields independent business owners are experiencing the income associated with sales volume that far exceeds what leading department store chains were able to achieve.

Be part of this success story! Let me help you achieve financial freedom!

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